Welcome to J.M.S.!

Welcome to the J.M.S. Homepage! As you can see this is unfinished.

If you don't know that this is, the J.M.S. Website's purpose is to display everything I've might of made incase anything was lost to time & to showcase all J.M.S. content (Or at least links of it). if somthing J.M.S related is taken down, you might be able to find it here! (Hopefully). Anyways, I will also have links to some other websites. It's basicly a wiki and media page for J.M.S.


Possibly submit your own character


Find some questions that you may be woundering about.


Report issues and see known issues.

Other sites

Websites that I like/think should get more attention & some of my friend's sites.


Find what i'm talking about today.


Find out what got changed this time.

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